#20. A Girl and Her Blob
Sep 1
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12/27/2014 There's going to be a bit of a delay for the next comic -- but for a good reason!

On December 20, Andy Santos (the artist for "Everything Old...") ... [more]
12/1/2014 So, it's been a while since we've posted anything. To answer most of everyone's questions, no we haven't stopped the comic! Things just get in the way ... [more]
12/22/2013 Greetings everyone! So good news! There will be two story comics posted this week! The second will either be Thursday or Friday, so check back later this week.
12/16/2013 Wow, did this just happen? Did the next arc just start? Well it totally did! Now let the wild speculation begin!
12/11/2013 Hey look! We're back! The downtime was rather my fault. The old domain registrar stopped hosting, and I waited too long to renew... so that resulted ... [more]
I like writing Myrrh, but since I tend to type as I talk, which includes both contractions and also the occasional droppin' off of letters for no real reason, I sometimes let a line or two slip through that Myrrh wouldn't say. Robin catches them, usually. Basically, Myrrh doesn't use apostrophes, so if I notice one in her speech, I try to change it (the exception would be possessive, though even then I bet I'd reword it).

Oooo, mystery werewolf! And more than one! What could it mean?! Myrrh sure lucked out there... [less]